I walk on a white sand with my bare feet
As I inhale the sweet damp breeze
The wind toys with my long black hair
My mind and heart are sad and bare
Does anyone really care?

I look back and saw many footprints
Lost loves years after years
How many times will I shed those tears?
Too many words have been promised and said
Now the feelings are forgotten and dead

I smile as I follow a new set of footprints ahead of me
Wishing that it will lead me to a better destiny
For life is futile if I would always be lonely
Capturing a love which cannot be mine
I wanna release it, now is the time

4BlackForest 4BlackForest
36-40, F
8 Responses Nov 5, 2010

ah ok..I thought twas an abbreviation or something...yes, I know the

It means 'suitable'. Perhaps it originates as a contraction of the word 'appropriate'?

yes, it happens the same thing with me...words just flow miraculously in my head...well, perhaps we're both poets/writers in our past lives.<br />
<br />
<br />
am so dense, what's "apt" by the way??

Thank you bf. <br />
Sometimes these things just come, immediately and out of the blue - so I guess the group name is apt?

what a beautiful story between me and you..I love it!

Love in November<br />
<br />
I sit with coffee and breathe in the crisp November morning<br />
I spy you on afar, crossing the street, skipping ahead of the crowd<br />
You are in a rush, yet composed and femenine in your haste.<br />
Then, amazingly, you sit and in an instant become a different creature.<br />
<br />
Your papers and briefcase lie haphazardly on the table, you take your phone<br />
But not to check your calls but to check your progress.<br />
Now resigned to your leisure, you sit and spray scent<br />
Gently rubbing your wrists and behind your ears.<br />
<br />
The waiter appears and you catch his eye.<br />
A brief moment later you are alone again.<br />
I turn a page and hold my paper so as to hide from you<br />
But not entirely, for still I watch as you check your compact.<br />
<br />
The air is crisp and cool, the sky is blue and you are here.<br />
I wondered at your haste and am now mystified at your leisure.<br />
<br />
The waiter returns and places a latte on your table.<br />
You smile in gratitude and he leaves but he doesn't see<br />
The tooth on your lip as your eyes watch him go.<br />
<br />
And now I know, your haste and your leisure.<br />
The air is crisp and cool, the sky is blue and so, I suspect<br />
are you.

wishes have been my fantasy..thanks for wishing that it will happen to me.. :)

Beautifully written. However hard it is. Hold that dream and stay positive. Someday the dream may come true.