Mom And Bobby Mcgee

I remember a time
My favorite I'd say
When I was quite young
And it was the end of the day.

With a kiss on the cheek
A quick pat on the head
Mom would tuck us all in
And sit down on my bed.

Not ready for sleep
Not tired just yet
She knew what we'd ask for
Our minds would be set.

So picking up her guitar
And after feigning a sigh
Mama sang to her angels
Our favorite lullaby.
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5 Responses Dec 19, 2010

Well, I forgot to leave the address for you, but that is okay, because it doesn't work anyhow. So I will tell you instead It is I Am the Eagle, by Rhett Davis. Google it, find the one that says Rhett Davis music. Give it a listen.

I couldn't find this one on you tube, so if you want to hear it, you will have to copy and past the address into your browser. Let it be a surprise. If it doesn't work, I will tell you what it is. For now just let me say. This song makes me shiver and go all mushy inside. Lots of warm fuzzies.

Is it safe to assume that this is one of the songs your mom sang to you.

First, I loved your poem. It is a great tribute to your mom. <br />
<br />
Second, I liked both versions. <br />
I would have loved to hear a duet by them together. <br />
It probably isn't too late. <br />
There has been a duet done by both the Hank Williams's Sr.and Jr. Long after Sr. was dead<br />
Nat King and Natalie Cole. Long after Nat King Cole was dead<br />
You don't bring me flowers by Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand. <br />
Before they actually recorded it together, <br />
someone combined their individual recordings and made them into a duet. <br />
<br />
So I still have hopes. <br />
<br />
SB, you made this so very special. XOXO

That was beutiful. And a very good song. My favorite version is Kris Kristoferson