Here I Sit (as The Clock's Bells Chime)

Here I sit as the clock strikes two
Trying to think of what to get for you
Warm wishes, kindness, charity and love
What could be more appropriate, my dove?

Here I sit as the clock strikes three
Listening to music and thinking of thee
My thoughts revolve around my dreams
And today I sit and write my theme.

Here I sit as the clock strikes four
And now I wonder what matters more:
My warm thoughts and my heart's tender embrace,
Or to be there as you struggle; to be with you face to face?

Here I sit as the clock strikes five
And still I wonder what time to arrive
The doctor called, says I should be swift
As your time is short, but I must decide my gift.

Here I sit as the clock strikes six
Tuning this old guitar and plucking strings with the picks.
Visiting hours cease when the clock strikes nine
And still no gift, dear lover of mine.

Here I sit as the clock strikes seven
I sit and I cry, for you have gone to heaven.
Mine is a tale of stupidity and regret
Mine is a lesson I will never forget.
Wittyname1234 Wittyname1234
22-25, M
3 Responses Dec 28, 2010

I jumped through the hoops of excitement
This is my change to prove I'm worth being right with
These people be saying stupid things
But I'll hear them bells ringen
In my head
I'm smiling
A sly little remark escapes your head
For a second I'm afraid I'm dead
Then I walk into your heart
Passed the halls at the end was a curtain
I said what I needed to say
So uncertain
But what makes sense
Is I'm with now now
And there's no regrets

This is my **** chance

With *you

As I sit thinking of you

My heart suddenly breaks in two

How do I put myself back together again

My love was real and you were my heaven

But this heaven was a lie

Thinking about it makes me cry

You keep on popping up everywhere

I think somehow i am beginning to care

But that is something I cannot do

For you were the one who broke this heart of mine intwo

I like it. Therefore it's good.<br />
Did it take you 6 hour to write?

No, I got it done in around 30 minutes.