Escape From Hell

Drained and pained, torn in two
Chained and staind by all you do
Dark skies clouding over blue
A glaring, vicious Hell ensue

Pride ******** bare, but I don't dare
Afraid you'll grab me by my hair
I cower beneath your spiteful glare
Hold my throat, and gasp for air

Pale and frail and without bail
I'm locked inside your cruel jail
In agony, I writhe and wail
But find that it's to no avail

Your fists won't cease, they just increase
I lie there, praying for release
from your death grip....Please call police!
Dear God, don't I deserve some peace?

Backed up into the corner
No longer the mourner,
but a suddenly wild, contemptuous scorner
I hit you, then flee, switching places - the foreigner

Now you strike less, and seem to digress
It matters not, as I assess
With no more guess, I must confess
I'm fleeing this catastrophic mess
januarygirl januarygirl
31-35, F
21 Responses Mar 21, 2011

I really like to lay some whup *** on that guy.

I want to give enormous thanks to those of you who have read this piece and shared your thoughts, feelings, reactions, support, and encouragement. The pain and damage we have been subjected to as survivors of abuse will never fade away in entirety, but in the process of recounting these horrors, we can gain a sense of empowerment and freedom from that which haunts us. I love you all, and appreciate your commitment to myself and each other. :) ♥☼♥

This was so heartbreakingly beautiful. You had me from the very first line. I've lived through child abuse and spousal I know the dark place you ventured to...and I know the kind of woman you have to be to have made it through this journey. Bravo to you for taking control of your destiny...and for writing such an amazing piece of poetry.

Beautiful and wonderfully written.....You are an amazing poet....I suffered abuse as well but by my Dad throughout my childhood.....When I got older though I started fighting back and ended up putting him in jail.....They say what does not kill you makes you stronger.....I'm proud of you not putting up with it and finally standing up for yourself.....So many women don't and and can't or won't leave.....Then some end up dead....Your poem proves you have a lot of strength in your character.....I am sorry you had to experience that though.....

i dont know why so many men are doing it to their partners... maybe, they grew up in an environment full of hatred, pain and even violence... coz love begets love.... nice poem, indeed..:)

Great creative poem.

OnewithJC, thanks for your sweet comments, darlin'. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and you're so very welcome! Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts and opinion. ♥

MissKR, thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement, and for taking the time to read and comment. You're an absolute doll!

Beautiful poem. So terribly sad that you had to endure such abuse. So glad that you fought back and found the strength to leave. <br />
<br />
Your strength is amazing. I hope you reach for the stars and that you achieve all the goals you set for yourself.<br />
<br />
Be well.

Many thanks to you Plaid, you super sweet soul, you. The experience didn't kill me, and thus made me stronger. I hope to serve as an inspiration to others battling abusive situations. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, honey. Just wow. Hats off to you, JG, both for the powerful poem and for surviving.

Thanks for your praise, Shyriss! It means a great deal to me, and is much appreciated. ♥☼♥

Aww, E, thank you so much sweetie! Normally, that ordeal is really difficult to write about, but this particular poem overcame me and flowed from my mind like water from a broken dam. Your friendship and support are invaluable, darlin'.

Oh hell, I've fallen behind in keeping up with comments. Sorry, folks! *Groovimax, thanks so much for your sweet comments and generous literary praise, darlin'! *Fungirl, I appreciate your condolence, honey. Thank you for taking the time to read and share your thoughts and understanding. *Hellbitch, I'm so grateful for your kind commendation and continued friendship, sweetie; both of which mean a great deal to me! *Olduglydude, scarcely surviving terrifying experiences generate a frightening ex<x>pression of them. Thanks for your lovely compliments, dear! :)

Wow excellent...but frightening! good job! :)

I am so sorry Jan. Your poem spoke volumes however.

Yes, indeed. Five years. And no, I didn't stay for the typical reasons. I was pretty much trapped. You can't keep current on the bills all alone to keep the lights on and a roof over your head (his sorry *** wouldn't work most of the time) and save up $ to move simultaneously. The physical abuse didn't last the entire duration, though. As I said in the last 2 stanzas, he backed me into a corner one day, and I popped him one, blacking HIS eye for a change. After that, the physical violence decreased quite a bit.

5 years.. . . ... .

Thanks for your kind comments, avibot! :) Right you are - poems are often like puzzles. This one's pretty straightforward, though. It was written about the abuse I suffered through for 5 years at the hand of a sorry *** excuse for a man.

i love it! <br />
<br />
i just wish i can understand most literary works. poems are like puzzles, it's either you understand it or just pretend to understand it. im in the middle ♡ɞ

Amazing! Poetic masterpiece as I see it. Thank you for this wonderfully written chapter of your life!