It's funny when I almost fall,
Or when my dog can't reach her ear.
I giggle at the jokes you tell,
I smile because it's crystal clear.
I like it when it's all green,
And I spot a patch of violet,
I glow inside to see my life,
And know that I'm the pilot.
The tinkle of a slinky,
Or freshly opened beer,
A pot of fresh tomato sauce,
Are things that I hold dear.
Laughter comes from everywhere,
Just view the world with a smile.
Appreciate your surroundings,
And let your mind be open and agile.
Laughtereverafter Laughtereverafter
26-30, F
10 Responses Apr 28, 2011

Simple and happy. I love it. Made me think of all the good things in life. :) Thank you!

Awesome!! I love it.....


I love women that like to laff. :)

Nicely put right to the point.!

More people need this point of view!

cute poem

Thanks :)))

I really don't enjoy reading other people's poetry because It seems so open to interpretation and so personal, but I absolutely love your poem and your style. You took me places with every line. And so upbeat.

Daww.. Thanks :)