I am certain that their will always be uncertainty, 
i sure you love me now but what for what the future  holds we have no control,
i sure dream what i know is i wake,
dreams of mine rarely transfer to reality but in this case it did,
however, for every cause theirs an effect, 
now just waiting to see the ramifications of our actions,
what lies ahead is unknown,
what lies behind is done and set in stone,
wait, now we must do the ever so excruciating task of waiting to see where our transgression will lead us,
to the highest heaven or the deepest of hell,
the worst is being in limbo,
the uncertain were anything can dwell.
There is no light nor dark in this place just a time clock reminding you of the time you are wasting
forcing you, torturing you to consider in the end was it all worth it?
or is this purely your own creation therefore making you deserve of the consequence's
or are you by any chance Innocent and deserve to be free and actual live in life not purgatory
this question will haunt you, like a plague be the disease of your mind till such time comes the grace finally opens the door 
then either up or down your destined to go
lonesomeallthetime lonesomeallthetime
26-30, F
Jun 15, 2011