And you don't seem to understand
I will give you what I cannot and what I can.
And though my love for you I do not comprehend
I will never purposely hurt you my friend.

And though you don't think my words are true.
I want nothing more than to be with you.
When I am not I feel sad, lost and blue
Give me a sign that you feel what I feel too

And when my intentions of love towards you don't seem clear
I want you to know you have taught me the true meaning of
love my dear.
Alone I sit here, I pushed you away I fear
It seems I have nothing left but my useless tears.

And I am sitting here, alone as I knew I would be without your
wisdom and might.
Now that you are gone my wonderful guiding light.
I have nothing and noway to illuminate my lost emotions to
my sight
Alas, once again I will be consumed by my darkness and

And when it did not seem it, I hated causing you pain.
The incredible guilt built up caused me to almost
completely go insane.
Every last one of the excuses I gave seems lame.
I lay here feeling my misery wash over me like a torrent

And as I close my eyes I try to think of a way out
Because all I have left is my misery, fears, and doubts.
I wish I still had you for you would make me say what this
is all about.
I wish I had another chance to say "I love him" to the
world with a shout.

And now it is to late, the chance I had is now gone
I am glad to have had the love you gave and for once, to
stop being alone.
ienjelicdelites ienjelicdelites
31-35, F
1 Response Nov 8, 2011

you are poetic and enjoy poetry too.