My mind is like a T.V. set,

It has many different shows.

A channel for each memory,

But no remote directing where they go.

Some channels are the funny ones,

I will laugh until I cry.

Some channels are like sci-fi,

I get confused and wonder why?!

The scary shows are hard to find,

The adult lock has a code.

I guess my subconscious is protecting me,

And saves me from that load.

There's the shows that make me cry,

Because they're happy or they're sad.

Those are my favorite,

The deep emotions make me glad.

I have a naughty channel or two,

Sometimes I just get bored.

There's those lonesome rainy days,

(Did I mention I don't mind being bored?)

It's a T.V. with no off button,

Sometimes statics all I get.

No matter what I'm doing,

The buzzing never lets.

When I'm sleeping it's the usual,

Random movies that make no sense.

Most times- not worth watching,

Other times- way intense.

So on the outside I look no different,

Than most around this place.

But in my head it's a marathon,

A never ending re-run race.
Laughtereverafter Laughtereverafter
26-30, F
1 Response Dec 25, 2011

Damn.. and now you are in my head....who are you and where did you come from?!

You must have a brain that never shuts off either!