Alone And Lost

Fogs of green my crumbling dream
distant stars as mist to call
holding in my memories
the cold deep blue I know as sky
darkness whisper, lushing words

I crumble slowly never fall
as stone I age yet never gone
changes distant by my world
as slowly risen by the gods
awaken dreamless cold insides

A demon angel falls from skies
whatever path shall be the way
death or saviour of the lands
this destiny which grasp the soul
I recall, I reborn

Sadness as I can not crie
fayth as harsh as stormful seas
the eye of tigers piercing me
the clear the distant never be
as the sand I slip away

Wherever shall I learn to love?
whatever shall I trully yearn?
how and when, is there a world?
a home a place to were I long
eternal shall my journey be

Father what could I have been?
a hero or a lord of siege?
would I live without to fear, if chance had kindly let me so?
would my love still be alive?
would I know you and never hate?
Barlong Barlong
26-30, F
1 Response May 13, 2012

I like it!