I won't be decieved when I conceive an idea that's my own

it's been placed before my face, not for my eyes alone.

My imagination and amalgamation of experiences I've amassed

My lame ideas were said before by countless score of people in the past

I repeat the themes and paint scenes like everyone before

With just a twist to make it fit into something I adore
Hermey Hermey 36-40, M 5 Responses Jun 11, 2012

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It's the twist that makes it different than the others and if your twist is unique in it's own right, then what you have is a style of your own.

well said!!

Yep. Like those sunglasses on the Star Elf. Nice touch.

oh good point. I didn't even think about that.


Its a great poem!

thank you.

:-) Liked this

thanks Erin. This was just something I was thinking about, but put into rhyme form.

And yet, no one will express like YOU....because there is only one YOU !

very true.... that's the only thing that makes these eternal themes unique. It's the fact that each of us have different experiences and different ideas that have never been combined in such a way before.... and I guess it's my individual history that influences my creativity that adds a layer of originality to old played out ideas. Well said, Kathie. " different ideas that have never been combined"
And that, alone, is cause to create. You are an unique expression, a one of a kind combination.....