Raised Up?

How did you get me here?
On this pillar raised so high?
You tried to push me off,
To see if I could fly…
I fell and fell,
And the sands of time set sail.
I feel as if you watched.
To see if I could…
You just looked back
As I raised my head up and lifted a cry.
Not one of fear, but one of pain.,
But in my heart sadness reigns.
You see the smiles.
You feel the pain.
You do not acknowledge it,
But within me, my heart rains.
I’m not a unmoving wall,
I’m not a magic queen.
You cut, me, I bleed.
We are one in the same.
I have my path,
And I can make it, I know.
If you keep shoving me though,
How can I even grow?
As I fall, I grasp the pillar,
Sliding to a halt,
Looking up I wish within my heart,
Longing for a stop.
StarGazer09 StarGazer09
18-21, F
Sep 7, 2012