Dreams sift in and out like sand
running through my fingers...
Soft, gritty, light

Could there be
as many dreams
as tiny miniscule
specks of sand?
Trillions, flooding my head,
at night, in day..
Shrouded, or unveiled..

Beautiful... wretched
Yielding, flourishing

Enraptures my mind
Shifting time
They sear, they envelop

Vivid, loving
Tiny Drops of Light

Velvetlacedream Velvetlacedream
31-35, F
3 Responses Sep 10, 2012

Who else said the same thing?

I was sifting in the sand, when giants swarmed across my land, I thought they could be rightly gnomes, but rather they were brightly found their lairs, and saved the day, I soon was victim to dismay, and bringing luxury, I payed, for all the fruitless spiteful vain!

'...for all the fruitless spiteful vain!' Really great L , wow I could envision each line 😃

Amazing. Thanks for the read!

Hey Thanks MadamElle!! and thx too for ur friend request :) I haven't written a poem right 'off the cuff' in a while !!

But isn't such a rewarding feeling when you get what you want to say out? :) I really did enjoy it!

AWWW.... IT IS a good , rewarding feeling YES ;) Thank you so much :)

My pleasure ;)

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