Have You Seen Our Complete Freedom?

Have you seen it I can’t find our complete freedom I thought we had it but I can’t seem to find it I think it’s gone? It looks like equality, it’s colorful, non-judgmental, oh and it’s tolerable. If you find our complete freedom please let us know because right now our world without our complete freedom is falling apart. We can’t love each other for who we are without our complete freedom.   We can’t accept each other for whom or what we are on the outside and in. There is no satisfaction in our world without our complete freedom please helps us find it. Our world without it, our world is a complete wreck.  We set each other up for failure so we can get the big gold star. We talk negatively about each other so we can be cooler and another thing we look down on each other so we can look taller. We bully and make fun of each other based on each color please help us find it. If you find our complete freedom we won’t have to compete and disagree on every little thing we won’t have to feel ashamed of our selves because we would treat each other equally. We would have a high level of tolerance and accept each other differently.  We would be satisfied and we wouldn’t have to fight yell and scream. We would love each other and as we love ourselves and support each other’s needs. We would give to each other more than we want to receive.  We would be each other’s friends. Our world would be tranquil serene peaceful enjoyable insightful and equal. But we cannot have these things without our complete freedom.  NOBODY is truly free without our (the worlds) complete freedom. 
apml apml
18-21, F
Sep 11, 2012