Open Arms------------------------ Off The Cuff And Random

Your arms are folded and you are looking down
You seem so sad and your eyes are hidden from all to see
You look like you do not to be bothered
I see that you need someone that understands you.

You have kept your heart from all to see
You have swept your dreams into a sea of sorrow
You have given up on joy and peace and find no way out,

You feel invisible and not important.

I walk over to you and I smile.
Again you look down.
I stand next to you and you shiver.

I fold my arms and also look down. I
I want you to understand that I too feel closed and alone
You stop the shivering and I feel your breathing slow down.

I speak my first word.."hello"
You do not answer but slowly walk farther away.
When I don't walk away you continue to look over as if expecting me to leave.
Has everyone walked away in the past?

I give you your space and wait.
I then say....I feel really uncomfortable and alone too sometimes.
You look at me as if to say why do you care.

I talk about what it feels like to feel alone.
I open myself to be vulnerable

That is the lesson in my journey that I have learned.

When I see people that are afraid, I think it is my job to take just a moment to make a difference. I believe that we are all scared and simple want to belong and feel normal.

If we could all take a moment to help someone open their arms and feel a connection than maybe the world would begin to connect.

I vow at this moment not to judge people and to understand that anger is a form of pain. I will take the time to understand that we are all hurting and kind inside. I will try to open the arms of new people every day.

As the night was over and we had spoke for hours, I noticed something miraculous. This stranger opened his arms and reached out and hugged me and said "I will believe in people now and I will share my fears. I no longer want to be alone"

A circle will begin to form around him.

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