My Sling

You hang from my neck like a ton of bricks
You're bulky and awkward what a fix
Always need adjusting, collecting hair and crumbs
Restricting me to death, I just sit and twindle my thumbs
I would love to just throw you away, but if I did my arm would flay
So I will keep you on for now, and accept your itchiness
As long as you hold my arm and accept by bitchiness
soulrunher soulrunher
46-50, F
5 Responses Oct 29, 2012

I can so relate to this!

I love you Melly!!!!

Amen, sister!

Im sure you can be inspired and do one yourself...after another week or so.

No doubt...
Portrait of life's comfort
My right arm trapped in a sling
Frustration comes in.

My youngest daughter made me feel even better...snickering at it. "At least a cast is cool, but a sling?!" Thanks, honey that helps a lot. LOL

Love your sense of humor in the face of the rough time you're having. Admirable!

I have to laugh! :)

Good for you!

tinybabyboy might be just what your looking for ?

LOL...thanks but I have two kids already. :)

Nothing like present reality for inspiration!;)

LOL...Im in a silly mood. :)