He Makes Me Think To Extremes.

The way his eyes shine in the sun,
it's like they're the oceans waves crashing over a boulder on a black sandy shore.
They way his strong and muscular hands cradle mine as we test each others strength,
makes me want him more.
The way his smirk sends shivers down my back,
and makes my butterflies fly so high I can't see them anymore.
The way his arms tangle around my waist and he moves his chest to mine,
makes me believe in love at first site.
The way his breath races down my neck as we are embraced,
it makes me think outside the box.
What if we aren't the only ones in the universe?
What if we aren't alone?
What if we are being watched?
What if the world DOES end in December?
The signs are there, but people are too stupid to understand.
When it does end, I will be there, locked with him and we will end together.

Whisperedcries2 Whisperedcries2
13-15, F
Nov 10, 2012