Love Hurts

Love is only a Chemical
Made for You or me
But then how can it be
That, even you or me
Can meet and Think
That once upon A Time
We would once Find
A Reason for Copertience
But then i
Allowed you to see
The True me
What do you think of me now?
All alone, In this lonley house
There is no time
For i am alone
Alone and afraid
Without your lone
You where the light
The one who lead me through
So now, Where am i, With out you?
I Stand alone
In a large Empty field
Waiting for the call
That will never come
He waits
He laughs
And its all at me
He took my heart
and broke it in three
He gave one piece to me
But kept the rest
So now, How can i put it to rest?
I Cry myself to sleep tonight
Hopeing for the call
That will never come
I Shall not run
From the Wave of Depression
That will follow
The impression
You left on me
The day you told me to see
That we where never ment to be
Yet you expect me
To Forget you
But how can i?
When i caint even Forgive you.
PirisDragonoid PirisDragonoid
18-21, M
1 Response Nov 17, 2012

So emotional and thoughtful !! I love it...keep writing Piris.....