Earth Angels

Earth Angels

When life gets tough 
As it often does
God will send us angels 
That walk the earth
In search for aching souls
And when they  meet 
a tattered heart
They treat that heart
Like gold.

They warm our days
With brighter thoughts
They give us something
To look forward to
They remind us of
Our importance
That we sometimes 
Do forget
They add smiles to our face
When we least expect it
And they find a comfy place 
With in our busy lives
Some how they just fit in.

When life gets rough
As it often does 
God will send us what we need
And he always sends an earth angel 
For through them his love is seen.

That day you think it just may never get better
Or that day filled with tears
God will send his angels 
Its his way of being near

That happy face 
or that great smile 
we are lucky enough to see
 on a darkend day
 he has his way
 of holding our hands

Our friendship gives me hope
A renewal in people 
A tender feeling inside my aching heart
You are one of Gods earth angels and im greatful for this new start

Thank you
RavensHeart RavensHeart
36-40, F
Jan 7, 2013