Requiescat In Pace.

The cold wind blows the snow kissed trees
a chill so heavy, in the air.
I slump down forward to my knees.
And pray that you will find me there.

In memories far, in summer new
We walked as one, both hand in hand.
Sweet memory now, will have to do
It faded fast, as does the land-
And life, succumb to ice
to fire, poison, hate and strife.
If strength remained, to fight for you
I'd bid you "Tell, what must I do?"

But nothing lives to see fruition
Just luckless fools, on luckless missions.
My comfort now, is in the smoke.
While thought and love, it both does choke.

GetBornAgain GetBornAgain
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 20, 2013

very nice :D i think it is great and u are very good at it...keep it up

Thanks, much appreciated =)

yqw u have real talent and it is awesome i write poetry myself so i love poetry do u write often?

Well I have been recently. I used to write poetry a lot when I was younger, but my focus changed and I've spent the last two years mostly writing songs. I'm trying to write enough poems to create my own poetry anthology =D

same here i love poetry i would like to see more when u post them

i wrote one called pain if u want to take a look

No problem, I'll read it now =) and I aim to upload at least two poems a day from now on. Hopefully I'll dig out something more interesting than cheesy verses about girls I've been with =L

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