Just You And Just Me - A Spiritual Poem

Each precious moment that I feel you move,
Is another day that I love you
I don't mind if you make my skin stretch, my breasts sore or make me feel breathless from a brief walk
I don't mind if I get peculiar looks from strangers looking down at my shopping basket in the isle
You gave me these cravings and,
After all, everything else seems external to me

You and Me are on the inside
This is our secret world
And I guard you with the stregth of my bones
The sharpness in my eyes
It's a place that only you and I know about
And the only part of me that I could, possibly, share

You understand the thoughts behind my giggles
Other people may notice a distracted smile, but you laugh with me
I know you do, it tiggles!
You are as soft as butterflies finding a route out of a bottle

Each day arrives, and then politely leaves us
But it's long after the sun settles down, yet
Our love stands
It's what unities us
An unbroken bond
So, when I talk about us, That's why I call it "You and I"

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HereForYouToo HereForYouToo
26-30, F
Jan 23, 2013