I'll Go First

 If ever there was an art

to words

Poetry is that art

A vital part

of sharing the heart.

LeisaWolf LeisaWolf 51-55, F 6 Responses Dec 10, 2009

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Thrumming strings

Melody played

Like budding flowers

Forever splayed

Nights dream awakes

An aching thought

Nothing lasts

All for nought

And still you cry

Pillow wet with tears

And still you pray

Forever near

nice first post! :)

with my expectant hand I click

to see what has been written on the quick

i find eloquent words shared of the heart

written when there was no place to start

but with the truth of the moment

Speed of thought
heart felt lyrics to make
The unexplainable seem fake
this is love, the very one I bought

We were in love

But was it love

He says he cherished me

Why did he make me cry

I asked him why

with that he turned to me and said goodbye!


As i sit here writing

My fingernails i am biting

It's so hot that i could melt

I want to throw back the hand that i've been dealt

It sucks but such is life

Without even trying, i get into trouble and strife.

my situation is crytical im going insane

its my life only me 2 blame

its all about choices

saying no 2 the voices

the good the bad

happy or sad

i choose life