I'll Go First

 If ever there was an art

to words

Poetry is that art

A vital part

of sharing the heart.

LeisaWolf LeisaWolf
51-55, F
6 Responses Dec 10, 2009

Thrumming strings<br />
Melody played<br />
Like budding flowers<br />
Forever splayed<br />
<br />
Nights dream awakes<br />
An aching thought<br />
Nothing lasts<br />
All for nought<br />
<br />
And still you cry<br />
Pillow wet with tears<br />
And still you pray<br />
Forever near

nice first post! :)

with my expectant hand I click<br />
to see what has been written on the quick<br />
i find eloquent words shared of the heart<br />
written when there was no place to start<br />
but with the truth of the moment

Speed of thought
heart felt lyrics to make
The unexplainable seem fake
this is love, the very one I bought

We were in love<br />
But was it love<br />
He says he cherished me<br />
Why did he make me cry<br />
I asked him why<br />
with that he turned to me and said goodbye!


As i sit here writing<br />
My fingernails i am biting<br />
It's so hot that i could melt<br />
I want to throw back the hand that i've been dealt<br />
It sucks but such is life<br />
Without even trying, i get into trouble and strife.

my situation is crytical im going insane<br />
its my life only me 2 blame<br />
its all about choices <br />
saying no 2 the voices <br />
the good the bad<br />
happy or sad <br />
i choose life