Here it goes. Finding Home.

*Note*: I just got done listening to Counting Crows only recording of August and Everything After before writing this.*


I've wanted to look into those bright brown eye's for so long,

Myself, I still can't seem to find

Everyday I think that my life withers away one way and is gone

While the next, I look into the eyes of a bright blue-eyed girl.

Questioning every action I take, among life itself and that love gold mine

Unable to figure out the true actions a stormy cloud can take

While following among the footsteps of god looking for that relief

I look upon those gray buildings finding myself

Raining upon me is the desperation of an arm one cannot obtain

The body of music and love, in which not god himself can truly believe

I stare upon you, knowing that she is out there somewhere else

Playing with her toys and using excuses to find out who she really is.

In the doorsteps I hear that she was once a true woman

She was free and beautiful, untouched by the life and love of others

Listening to the sound of cries, my heart falls apart

The only remaining part of myself is the reliance of future life

With everything, I see her looking over me

But I don't see her, Instead I see the sky

The sky that should be filled with the joy of another ones joy

Emotions cower in my bed while fear resides in my ceiling

Staring back at me, whispering to me what to cry out in my sleep

As everything else is hiding in the basement

Clawing it's way out.

HangingTree HangingTree
18-21, M
Jan 14, 2010