It's Still Amazing

I called myself a "man of God”,
in nineteen eighty eight.

My sin was gone, my mind was clear,
And everything seemed great.

But somewhere down this road of life,
the old things crept back in.

And now my minds’ a battleground,
as I struggle with old sins.

Some days I think there is no hope,
That God will snuff me out.

But I also know the price was paid,
I need not live in doubt.

So here I am, all frail and worn
A heart that is down-trod.

But it is well with my blessed soul,
I’m still a man of God.
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2 Responses Feb 15, 2010

Do we really know God until we are in the centre of our humility? Sounds like you are well in touch with your need for a Saviour.

I liked your poem and your style of presentation. It had a message, similiar to many I write as a christian. I am glad you shared that one, and I look forward to other poems by you.<br />
Do you have a poetry page. I have a free site named ECHOES OF THE HEART at Check it out and you will see that I wrote poems on common themes like you do. I am also know as MassMan at<br />
<br />
Once again thanks for sharing your words, message & talent.