Talking To Myself--duh!

I said to myself---

Why do you talk so much,

wouldn't be better

to be quietly out of touch?

Your lips don't have to move

You can let your thoughts run free,

And then sit aback and relax

Forget the commentary!


I said to myself

Some time me, you amaze

You are such a genius

It shows right in your gaze.

 Now if you keep your mouth shut

You won't blow your cover,

Let other think you're witty too--

Than what they might otherwise discover!

WerkNProcess WerkNProcess
56-60, M
3 Responses Feb 18, 2010

Thanks for your comment--ATSF!<br />
You are right-- sometimes it takes a Solomon to figure our when to shut up and when to have our say. Even Solomon spoke out of both sides of his mouth when giving advice pertaining to anwering fools. Proverbs 26:4-5: <br />
Do not answer a fool according to his folly, <br />
Lest you also be like him. <br />
<br />
Answer a fool according to his folly, <br />
Lest he be wise in his own eyes. <br />
<br />
I guess it all boils down to carefully pickling which battles we fight in! (even verbal ones!)

I'm glad that this is no contest--<br />
For then I'd surely be surpassed<br />
By your words of wit and charm--<br />
imploring us to do you no harm.<br />
<br />
My friend I say--a job well done,<br />
Now take your nap--you've had your fun!<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing--I enjoyed it!

hi ..mistygren here...this is a poem off the cuff, created right now<br />
<br />
i look at life's events, <br />
its pains, trials and pleasures<br />
and wonder about all its measures<br />
sadness of tears dropping through friends lost forever<br />
gladness through family i never did sever<br />
<br />
i chanced to share my mind with you<br />
and hoped for strong bonds <br />
between us, too<br />
<br />
i must now go to sleep and repose<br />
and try not to stumble, fall and be humble<br />
just watch my step, <br />
be mindful of those friends of mine, my toes.<br />
<br />
cheerio for now,<br />
to hear from you <br />
will be my own wow!<br />
<br />
hope you enjoy this ditty<br />
my teeth are on edge, and gritty<br />
for i am not now, and never will be <br />
another walter mitty !!!