My Brother.

Loss, it is my life.

Lost, it is me.

Worry, about you.

Bravery, for you.




I love you.

My only brother.

You are my brother.

Not in blood, my brother.

Not in skin, nor bones, nor muscle.

You are my brother in arms.

We fight, for each other.

We cry, and mourn.

For each other.


My Brother.

I am at a loss.

You are my Brother.

Not in blood, nor skin.

Nor in Muscle nor in bone.

You are my Brother in arms.

And you fight, You fight for me.

You protect me from myself, from me.

You are my Brother, I know but,

You are my protector, brother.

My savior when lost, alone.

You help me stand tall.

Brother in Arms.

My Brother.


My Brother.

I am very lost.

Just as I have loss.

Oh you are my Brother.

No, not in blood, nor skin.

Not even in bones, nor muscle.

You are my strong, brother in arms.

You find me when I wander off.

Pulling me back to the path.

O brother, my friend.

I am so very lost.

Pull me back.

Find me.


My Brother.

O how I worry.

You are my brother.

Not in blood, nor in skin.

Nor in milky white bones, no.

Nor in strong unyielding muscle.

You are my brother, my brother in arms.

But brother how I worry, brother worry for you.

You are my rock, and yet you, weak as I.

So I hold you up, keep you tall.

I push you on, keep on.

O my brother, O me.

I worry for you.

My brother.


My brother.

I am brave, for you.

As you are for me, brave.

You are my brother, dear brother.

Though you are not of the same blood.

No, Nor of the same milk white bone as I.

Nor is your skin taken, cut from the same cloth.

Nor is your muscle woven by the same powerful hand.

You are my brother in arms, my protector, my friend.

I am brave for us, my dear brother, only for us.

For your armor is built the same as I.

We are at each other's back.

We protect the other.

We are in a war.

We are family.



We yearn for acceptance.

O my dear brother.

We have it.


You are my brother.

My brother in arms.

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Wonderful, I enjoyed this very much.