On The Whims Of The Faithful

I went a moment,

I saw you with her,

She held your hand and laid her head on your shoulder,

On that park bench.

I stood in disbelief,

Waiting for my move,

to make,

I was frozen,

I just watched as you kissed her,

Read your lips as you said "I love you",

Look down at my feet,


I love him,

I can still have him,

He loves me,

I know it,

Quick glance back upward,

I see you standing to prepare to walk away,

I see her,

She is not beautiful,

She is rounded,

And I am frozen,

No more hope for me,

She has you completely,

I can not mess with that,

I see her roundness,

You stop her,

Turn her towards you,

Kneel down,

Place your hands on her rounded belly,

Say "I love you",

I can hear you this time,

I whisper "I love you too",

I can not mess with that,

Your family...

breezybumblebee breezybumblebee
26-30, F
Feb 25, 2010