standing prone

wonder filled the lyrical

luminous intention

awakens skinless

standing prone

as the elbow

of ubiquitous groove

swallows her embracing tongue

in curves of folding 


hard like memories

too long left 

in the pallid

lust of the 


ancestral need


even her dreams

aural and astral


the origin song

41-45, M
22 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Deliciously sensual and erotic writing;<br />
and here I was, thinking you were pure spirit,<br />
though come to think of it, the two are probably one in the same for you. :)

Humble appreciation What12345 - I look forward to reading your poetry

That was amazing! I always thought that my poetry had a fairly complex vocab but i read yours and i was impressed lol Keep it up.

Pleasure is mine from the visit OrangeTas

Pleasure is mine from the visit OrangeTas

Always a pleasure visiting you

thank you totoh82 and marlon70<br />
<br />
I'm uplifted by your kind remarks<br />
<br />
love n light<br />


Thank you both Dragoncat228 and blynnbarrister<br />
<br />
Blynn if I had to call it anything - I'd call it tongue-fu poetry...the free formless martial art of punchy twirling kicking spinning word combos

Excellent and interesting job,<br />
but the title, Tongue-Fu, is what got me, that's just pure brilliance.<br />
Widened vocabulary always make for such a rich weaving of words into a beautiful tapestry of a poem :) <br />
Thanks so much for sharing, I don't know what this kind of poem is called but I really enjoyed it.

Ahhhhh 8FootTDread always thought provoking...

you caught me there friend Charos - sadly I can only claim great minds think alike as I did not know who DCD were until your message peace

"as the elbow<br />
<br />
of ubiquitous groove"<br />
<br />
Nice...out of curiosity, did this section have anything to do with the Dead Can Dance song? It's been a bit but I think it's called "The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove"...I guess it's not all that similar but the use of ubiquitous and groove just sounded really close and it's rare I find people who know DCD very well...

thank you jadebite - thats a great compliment to think I inspired someone to use a dictionary...I think I need to lie down from the flush...humble blessings

u are wonderful and brilliant, .... beautiful words... make me open my dictionary lol

blessings softkitti

Wonderful .. absolutely loved it !!=-)

thank you ichooselife...and I do every moment I can


Why thank you BuckarooBonzai - but as the old cliche goes its not the size of the words but the rhythm of the tongue...:-)

Wow! You know alot of big words

humble appreciation for your kind response DarkTruth<br />
<br />
deeply<br />
<br />