Never Fear, Ma'am, I'm From The Internet

The internet is a place where awkwardness is a vestige

Of a crude meat-shackled society,

To be made fun of.


Emotion is a thing

That can be obfuscated

By skillful typing

And wiping of eyes until mascara-smudged hands

Can remember the keys.


Love begins with sex,

And that's not such a bad thing, for us perverts

And the not-perfect ones among us have chances

With gorgeous ones

Just as internally strange as themselves.


The great science-fiction authors

Who turned their typewriters to the stars, once,

Envisioned the human race evolving into pure


And maybe this is a step closer

And not just basement-dwellers and child molesters

And Christian Weston Chandler

And fat chicks.


Maybe the ones who stay inside

And bleach their skin with blue light

Are the evolved ones,

Brains growing as bodies wither

But for dexterous fingers


And their wars fought behind personas

And more honestly

Than anyone's before them.

incen incen
18-21, T
1 Response Mar 4, 2010

sensational. i like your concept.