Dare To Look Close

Armchair apathy – that’s what we’ve got

Watch the world unfold from the 9pm news slot.

Talk a good line – economies, world peace and such

But what do we really do about it all?

Not much.

Someone else’s problem

Someone else’s worry.

We can complain and criticize all we think is wrong

But becoming involved – even in our own backyard

Well, our motivation is not strong.

I don’t have the answers – I wish I did

But life is too short to see it pass by

On that new Plasma TV screen.

Time to move off the comfy couch and pull our weight

We are in this together –

don’t just help your fellow man

up....... onto the Titanic.

OzAngel OzAngel
36-40, F
3 Responses Mar 4, 2010

the weight of the overwhelm is apathy's birth<br />
great monoliths-government and church<br />
the "others" will get it, its just not my job<br />
its all I can do to drink a beer and be a slob<br />
<br />
the fear of the fear, keeps me away<br />
what if you are the dream girl who will stay?<br />
Knowing what I know about my whole story<br />
I'll go down in flames without a trace of glory

I like this. We see tidbits and symptoms but no solutions, place the blame elsewhere, when we really need to take part, make a change, do something positive.<br />
<br />
well done!!

Very good! I liked it a lot. =)