A Short Play

Stage: Interior, Living Room, Large sofa in front of large television.

Two people are watching television.


The light flickers on their faces.


Man: So, do you like this movie or not?

Woman, turning to man: Yes, sure, it's okay.

Man: I thought it was a bit deeper than this, I can't seem to focus on it, it's kind of tedious, it's boring me.

Woman: Let's switch to something else.

Man, looking around near his seat: Where's the remote?

Woman: I don't know, you had it last.

Man, getting up:: There it is.

The woman reaches over and takes the remote from his seat.

Man: Hey! That's mine.

Woman: You wanted to change it, so I get to pick.

Man: We don't have to change it.

Woman: You said it was tedious.


Man: That doesn't mean we have to change it. If you like this movie, let's watch it.

Woman: I've just missed the pivotal part discussing whether we should watch it. Let's just change it. I can see it another time.

She points the remote at the television.

Man: No, don't change it. Look at that. Can you believe that?

He watches the movie intently.

Woman, shakes head, laughs: Men. So fickle.



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I love you squigglefish!

PS The plant is a century plant, which has yellowish-red tips that are giant thorns. Ouch!

Thanks, I wrote this in a moment of, um, empathetic timetraveling, of course, my guy is not like this at al, I was just imagining someone else's life. The picture, I made that 3D world, it is my mansion in cyberspace, unfortunately, I cannot share it here, or I would. It's not uploaded anywhere right now or I would take you on a tour. hahaha