Night On The Town ~ A Tragedy

Stage setting: Night, darkened storefront with a recessed door, a faint street lamp lights the sidewalk

Two people stand next to each other, in front of the store, waiting

The girl is about 11, the boy, much taller, about 17, brother and sister.

The boy takes his cell phone from his ear, closes it, and puts it in his inside his jacket pocket.

The girl dances around on tip toes a bit, never really holding still.

Boy: Emma, please, stop dancing around.

Emma: When's she gonna be here?

Boy: Soon. She said it would be just a few minutes.

Emma: I wish we could have stayed in front of the theater.

Boy: It's safer over here, there are weird people hanging around the theater. Stop dancing, please.

Emma: But I'm cold!

Boy: She'll be here soon, I promise.

Emma dances some more, spinning once, and rubbing her hands together.

Boy: Here, stand in front of me.

Emma moves over in front of her brother, who wraps his long coat around her. They stand there for a moment.

Emma: Johnny? How come nothing exciting ever happens to us?


Johnny: I guess we are just normal kids, that's all. We are part of a family, and it's kind of, well, normal. What kind of excitement do you mean?

Emma: Like, really exciting stuff, you know, bad guys and all that. Not like the theater guys. I mean really mean guys.

Johnny: You mean real bad guys? Like in the movie? Be glad we don't have that kind of excitement. 

Emma moves away, dancing a bit more and glancing down the street.

Emma: How long now?

Johnny: Any minute. Here, step in this doorway.

They step back into the dark doorway.

Johnny: Is that better?

Emma: Yes, a little. It's not very late, is it?

Johnny: No, it's only 8:30. It's not late.

Emma: Why is this store closed? I wish it was open, I would go inside.

Johnny: Sorry, Emma. It's just a stationary store, they don't stay open that late.

Emma, looking up and down street: There's nothing open around here.

Emma turns and tries the door handle to the store. She pulls it and shakes it.

Johnny: Stop that, Emma, you'll set off an alarm.

Emma, crossly: Good. I am tired of waiting. When is Mom going to come?

When she turns back around, a red light flashes in the back of the store for a few seconds.

Johnny: Hang on, it will be any minute.

Emma: You said that!

Johnny: I promise. Soon. very soon.

Sirens start in the distance and grow closer. Emma looks excitedly down the street.

Lights begin to flash on them in the dark doorway.

Emma: It's police, Johnny.

Johnny: I know. I think you set off the alarm.

Emma, looking scared: Where's Mom?

Johnny: I don't see her.

Several cars are heard, screeching up fast. A man's voice calls out.

Man: Hold it right there, this is the police. Put your hands out and walk away from the store.

Emma starts forward.

Man: Stop!

Emma sees her mother in the crowd.

Emma: running out: Mommy!

A gun fires.

Johnny runs out of the darkened doorway.

Johnny: Emma!


A scream.

All lights down. Darkness.

~The End~

LeisaWolf LeisaWolf
51-55, F
Feb 21, 2010