Catch 22 At 6am

The scene takes place at a generic interior such as a house or apartment. The sun has just come up and bathes the walls while outside resides still the silent common to late night.

Characters: A human being (HB), the cat and a gecko

HB: mewo

The cat:

HB: What is it?

The cat:

HB looking through the window: Yes, look at that, isn't it beautiful?

The cat: meow

HB: meow... What is it that you want? I know you're not very fond of that cat food but the one you like is gone, my friend. No more.

The cat moves around

HB: Yeah, that's just life, you know? One minute you have it, the next it's all gone. You don't even have the time to acknowledge the having-it bit, and it's gone.

The cat:

HB: That's even worse, you know... When you don't value the stuff and then you lose it and you really feel stupid...

The cat:

HB: It's a f***ing catch-22, you know! You can't want what you already have, right? I mean, how could you menage that???

The cat:

HB: Being a crazy person, that's how! ****... yeah...

The cat:

HB: So you only want what you don't have, and you don't want what you do have, unless you lose it, then you'll f***ing want it, and just the **** more because you had it once when you didn't want it.

The cat:

HB: Yeah... Life's unfair...

A gecko that had been on the ceiling for some time: You know, I was just thinking the same thing... But then I thought that's what keeps life going. If we didn't want nor needed something, we wouldn't live. We would just stay idle and die. Look at me, for example, do you think I'd be running around if I wasn't hungry?

HB turns to gecko: Oh, so that's what you were meowing about...

The cat:

The end.
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Superb! *Applauds* That was a fantastic play. I was almost living it.<br />
KUDOS!<br />
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