It Was A Dark Night

Stage setting: Dark, except for a few dim small points of light here and there, it's raining softly.

Two people sit on a bench.

Man: So, did you decide yet?

Woman: No.

Man: Well, if you decide anytime soon, let me know.

Woman: I will.

They sit in silence for about a minute.

The rain drips.

Man: Did you decide yet?

Woman: I'll tell you when I do.

Man, sighing: Okay.

Woman: Okay.

The rain splatters.

Man: (clears throat): Ahem.

Woman: What?

Man: Decide yet?

Woman: No.

Man: Let me know.

Woman: I'm thinking about it.

Man: All right.

The woman looks down at her hands.

The man fiddles with his jacket button.

Man (looks around): It sure is dark tonight.

Woman: Yes, it is.

Man: A bit chilly. You okay?

Woman: Yes, I'm fine, thank you.

Man: Have you figured it out yet?

Woman: Not yet.

It rains a bit more.

The woman stands.

Man: You've decided?

Woman: Yes.

The man rises from the bench as well.

Woman: Chinese.

Exit - stage left.

Lights down.

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hahah Thanks! I wrote it off the cuff...<br />
...wanna try it?