No Way Out.

Army captain Jim "Freedom" Anderson was pinned down in his fox hole. He radioed in for an air strike, say words like whiskey alpha foxtrot. It wasn't the kind of language I was accustom to hearing as I dove into the hole with him. The planes over hear delivered the air strike the captain called in as he turned to me he threw some c rations and said " I know it is not a fancy lunch you would have at you desk but it works in a pinch" I chuckled and said "you got that right". The captain the turned on the radio to lighten the mood.Over the speaker came an old song somewhere over the rainbow,It made me smile just the same.Captain said to me so what's your favorite baseball team Pirates Sir I replied I grew up just outside the city.I'm a pirate fan for life I said. feeling bold I asked the captain was it like the time he had to eject over the sea of Japan he told me not now kid we need to get moving before the tank chews us up.
forkmenow forkmenow
41-45, M
Dec 8, 2012