Taking Chances.

The wind was breathing through my hair as i sat on the paint peeled bench. I had never felt so afraid in all my life. My stomache was wrestling with my heart, my muscles were spasming, i felt hot and cold at the same time. i felt vulnreble. I didnt like this.

I was meeting him for the first time face to face. Eye to Eye. Breath to Breath. I didnt know what to expect, all i knew was that i wanted to turn back, but i had come along way.

Crowds were merging and bluring around my head, voices became silent, my mind only consumed the insecurity of the moment. i had no way of knowing if i was doing the right thing. i hugged my jacket closer around my shivering body, half praying half pleading i was able to go through with this. My heart played bass inside my chest.

my phone rang, i let it ring out but looking at caller ID i felt guilty, it was him. it rang again and in a little voice i answered. "i'm nearly there, where are you?" that familiar voice calmed me a little, but just a little. "I'm on platform 4" i say, he picks up on my fear. "i can't do this, i can't" panic raises in my throat, its becoming more real to me, he'll be standing in front of me and he's going to be dissapointed. "i can't do this, your not going to like me" i put my head onto my bag, hiding what i believed to be an ugly face. the bag was rough but soft against my face, it was full of almost everything i owned in the world. it all fit into a bagpack, how sad was that? "Sarah, im on platform 4, you can do this, I love you, nothing has changed" i could hear sounds over the phone that seemed to be around me. i looked up briefly then down again. i saw him, i had to smother a scream. "sarah" he was there.

i stood up quickly and through my arms around him, i didn't want him to see my face, i was so sure he'd reject me. gently he removed my arms from around his neck and had a long look at me. "your beautiful" he kissed my cheek. and tried to take my hand to walk. i stood still. my head down. "come on Sarah, lets go" i looked at him for long time. he wasn't at all what i had imagined. his hair wasn't as dark or as short, his eyes held so much more emotion, his smile affected me, a wave of wanting washed over me. could i leave this station, abandoning all choice of returning to what i knew?

he looked as me so sincerely, possibly with a hint of fear, almost begging me to come to him. i wasn't sure. do i take his hand and walk towards a whole new world, or do i get back onto the train and run back to what i had..
FromTheHeartOfaWoman FromTheHeartOfaWoman
22-25, F
Jul 14, 2010