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Love at a distance is some times hard .Love on the internet is awesome ,i will have to keep this short as most people on EP Dont like long stores even though it could easily be a thick book .
So here goes,i have had a very exciting life,came from a very privileged up bring,,, and lived the first part of my life very much a hippie biker ,then moving abroad buying propriety losing it all and rebuilding my life again  ,getting married having a beautiful daughter and getting devoiced.i am devoiced 10 years now and have the most perfect partner now .
We meet over 2 and half years ago on the internet.i had opted out of my business world back in 2002 and gone back to being a hippie again living off the land , so i had bought a small farm and breed sheep and keep t a small amount animals like goats for milk and cheese ,hens for eggs ,ducks for eggs,cats,horses .and 135 wild deer.
So i had decided i did not want to end up living and dying on by own,o yes i lived in a cottage way up in the mountains in Ireland.so i joined connecting singles and searched all over Canada to meet somebody ,you see i love Canada ,so holly **** i meet this amusing women,who has become my spiritual guide my mentor,my lover,my best friend ,,,,,she has changed my LIFE for ever,
We live a peaceful live in Ireland with loads of like minded people in the neighbour hood ,my partner paints,and i play in the garden and play with anything with an engine.
We now live on the banks of the river Shannon our biggest river in Ireland .

If you like what you are reading fell free to write to us , we love passing on help and love in any way we can.we grow most of our food and its getting better each year.
We both thank god every day for all we have in this life,god and the universe is very good to us.
So if you think this is to long of a story i will stop or if you want to hear more i will update soon,,,,,,,,,,you tell me.
One very happy hippie couple.
WELL i have given you all a day to say something so i am going to write more like it or not.
Two and a half years ago i did not know how to even switch on s computer so if i was to meet some one on the internet i would need to learn ,so my ex-wife had this old government computer that she had given me years before so i got my daughter to show me how to switch it on and how to use the courser and how to move around and that was it ,i then taught my self the rest setting up with the internet etc.

Well the world was now my oyster.......O YES A CAN NOT SPELL ,so please forgive me .
so living on my own was good at that time because i could stay up all night teaching my self how to move around the world and how to email how to print off how to type letters etc,but best of all i think is uploading photos from your camera and sending it half way around the world .
That just blows me away ,i can take a photo right now in Ireland and send it to California in under a min...,,,so suck on that.

Ok i must tell you i was in a plane crash back about 16 years ago so i just **** my self thinking about flying,so what do you think happened......my sweetie said she would come over to see me .....and that was 2 years ago ,now she is not younger then me ,,,yes she is 7 years older then me..wise and a true spiritual person .so she is having a very significant  birthday this summer.So what can i say ,,,,i am the luckiest man in the world and i have for the first time in my life .....i feel totally happy .
I used to think i was really happy with all i had .....What bull ****..SO WHEN SHE LEFT TO GO HOME I WAS KILLED STONE DEAD.
She left me the book THE POWER OF NOW with instructions to read it...i dont read except for books on birds ,gardening and motorcycles.
Well that changed my life..i grew and be came a full person...true to  my self and others...she came back to me after 2 months later,we are now the strongest couple in the world with a great understanding of each other.
ok more later...... 



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That's awesome! Your life sounds exactly what I want, quiet, simple & full of love! You definitely have it all :)

Thank you,M.amen

Wow, <br />
Thank you for sharing your journey. Be Welll!

Your welcome, Thank you,its not over i will adding to this story every day or so.