I fixed it while he slept.
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7 Responses May 8, 2012

Wow you could go anywhere with that line. The title adds to the "memoir" I'd change it to A seven word memoir.

Thought provoking line O_o

Incredible how much can be said and unsaid in just 6 words.

thank you * glow *

Oh this is simply splendid darling. :D

thank you, dearest.

Hmm, wonderfully enigmatic...

6 words doesn't leave a lot of opportunity for full disclosure, does it ?

No. On the other hand, you leave much more room to our imagination. You knew the risks... ;)

I love this. While he slept.....yes, we can accomplish a lot *while they sleep* can't we?

* grin *

"Get er done" Somebody has to do it. hee hee

me! i vote me: i'll do it right. =^.^=