The Hallway.

She is awoken by a strange sound echoing from the hallway. Her body trembles as the cold air blows through her open window.Shadows hug every corner of her room.Gently as if not to disturb the stillness she stands and walks towards the door.A silent door is opened and without a peep she escapes the darkness as she stares destiny in the eyes. The magic in the air is dense. The nothingness in front of her is everything.Only a dark spot on the far end of the corridor remains unclaimed.One step after the other she walks.Swirls of metallic color form as every step is a leap of faith. Her feelings expressed on the walls. Nothing can stop her. Steps turn into leaps,leaps into sprints.That unclaimed spot is hers to hold. Then suddenly her world begins to spin. The darkness then is overpowered by the light now. She is invincible.Until the moon rises over her head once again...
Amelia stared down at her violently shaking hands as tears streamed down her face. How could she lose control of her dreams in such manner. It was not safe to wonder of into the darkness.The uncertainty of life itself haunted Amelia. As her own voice echoed in her head, all that was left to do was believe that hopefully one day someone would rescue her from herself.

Jenna1225 Jenna1225
22-25, F
Jan 19, 2013