The Gift

I would forever be unhappy, to make her forever happy.

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Sorry Dear, it's written, both "must" share Happiness together forever!

Ok; you are showing you wisdom once again. Let's just both be forever happy.

ok... *smile* We will! (hug)

Dear friend, won't you please consider that it is not right for you to be unhappy to make another happy. Hopefully this tender story will never be you in " real life." I doubt the one you wrote about would ever want that for you either, at least I hope so.... You said a LOT in 10 words. One of the best 10 worders I've ever read....

I read this differently to you, to me this said I love her sooooo much I would do anything just anything for her happiness.

Illiteratetroll has it the way I meant it. To give up the thing that means the most to you, so they can be happy is the truest form of love I know of. It is great and scary all at the same time. Being able to feel that, but also knowing how fragile it is. Appreciate you reading and commenting.

From your reply to me I would presume you love a very special lady you can't have, my heart goes out to you. For your sake I hope it doesn't hurt too much though I'm sure that it will. {{{{{HUGS}}}}

Kathieredart- I guess I should have answered you first, but better late.......
I can tell you understand by the way you ended your post. I hope I never have to prove my love in this way, but sometimes in life we can fall madly in love with someone that means well, but does not share the same I'm all in type of love. It is no one’s fault, but it will leave one truely devastated, and the other moves on.

Ok.... So now I am depressed ..... Love IS complex, isn't it?

Love is often complex because it is such a powerful emotion. Do not know of anything that can take you higher or bring you lower. Read a story earlier this evening a young lady was going to go out with a player in hopes she might be the one for him. I posted and she came back and said she was not and he dumped her right after using her and she is devastated. Not the type of love I am talking about, but it shows what people will do just to get a little glimpse of love.
Again- Thanks for your comments. Now perk up; I have enjoyed seeing your banter on EP and even particiapted a time or two.

Sorry this time to Illiteratetroll. I'll get the order right eventually. I always can use a hug; thanks! It is complicated, but you have the gist of it.
Appreciate your understanding and comments.

I agree with Illiteratetroll.

Very perceptive. Probably learned that from being around animals so much.
Thank You!

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