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A Piece Of Our Love Song

I belong to you; you belong to me-a lifetime!
I think of you with each breath, in and out...
You live in my heart and dwell in my soul...
When you are better, we shall be together, at home....
I love you beyond words that exist in this universe....
You searched a lifetime for me-and I waited impatiently..
Now you are near and your love sings it's words...
Caressing me and bringing me such comfort-there're no words...
Cherish you; Love you; Adore you; You are so mine...
I love, love you Carlos Zacur....This is your Cynthia.

(Darling-I am soooooo sorry. LOL. I posted your name. 
You said it is okay. Then it remains. As I remain, Yours.
kissessssssssssssss.....A lifetime approaches. The 
Future spins. And we are hand in hand, together.....)
PoetryNEmotion PoetryNEmotion 51-55, F 3 Responses Dec 5, 2012

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Thank you, C.

such beautiful words my sister and just so right!!!is the best to witness true true you walking in the morning and will take smaller vids, just more of them...i can feel the love flowin strong..makes me smile lots..pleasure and a privalege..thank you..xoxoxoxo

Carlos is my One, my Lifetime One. And I his...Enjoy your walk. One day we two shall walk with you a bit. And that will truly be wonderful. I love hiking. Brings me such peace. And the beauty of nature has no limits....The love of we three flows strongly....It gives me much pleasure...And us...Your love is our privilege and pleasure. Did Carlos tell you of meeting you in a dream a year ago? If he forgot, please ask him to tell you of this...It was incredible...I wait for your videos. Love you, my brother. kissessssssssssssssssssssssss...xoxo

Carlos is a ghost man. He is not his words. Falsehoods. I know real men now from EP. They are their words. And I am Free to find my true mate. :)

i had a amazing talk with Carlos..he is a great man..i am thankful and lucky..i needed to hear these things..amazing times..cant stop you both forever..xoxoxoxoxoxo

He is a great man. No words exist for him...Yes, you did need to hear them. Amazing is an understatement! Love you a lifetime...xoxoxxoxoxo

i await that walk with us three and a wonderful day it will be..i hope to walk with you both in BA too later next year..big hugs and bigger love..xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Wow! Next year? Really...So soon? I am delighted! Perhaps you will be an uncle then....If late in the year! *laughing* There is no limits to our love-our three's. xoxox

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Carlos is not only your X'mas Carlos, but also he is your lifetime Carlos.

You are absolutely correct, peterpan! He is my lifetime man. kissesssssssssssssss...*beaming* xoxoxo