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Falling In Love

Let yourself fall in love, your lover will catch you
tigermoth1234 tigermoth1234 41-45, M 10 Responses Jan 15, 2013

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don't drop ;)

I hope so but what if I'm broken again : (

Be like all the great explorers of history, go forward, learn from the past when things did not work, but do not let it stop you from going forward, to achieve your dreams. Set backs are things that help us learn how to go forward.

The scars may be visible in time they also fade as does the pain .

You willingly give your heart up. Than it becomes broken.

Yes that happens to, it has to me


Thank you Owl



Love it!!

Thank you so much

Thank you :-)

This is excellent.

Thank you

I am trying this 10 word love story is not easy a bit of a challenge lol
It is a good image,

LOve. I loved this! I have an image of you catching a woman in your arms and she is laughing in delight! Or she is catching you! More like wrapping her arms around you in a sweet embrace cause you are too heavy for her to catch from the sky! It is a nice image either way! kissesssssssssssss...Can you write more today, please? Love you, C.! xoxoxox



Any time &lt;3 ;)