Just A Raise Of Your Eyebrow

...and all the wild butterflies in me come to life.

(Yeah, I cheated. Sue me.)
june1999 june1999
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17 Responses Jun 19, 2010

I look to the heavens when I need an answer.<3

and dragons sore again

Cheers, dragoncat, now back off a little while my big head explodes :)

Ahhhh, but it was a very clever cheat to say the least!

Sweeeeet.. missyg! Post it as a story! :)

I lived, laughed, loved at times even shed a tear.....

Aww Frito, thanks..! (Now I don't have to add 7 words after that!)

Sweeeeeeet!! who cares if you "cheated?" I sure don't. :)

Sometimes it is all it takes, isn't it, handsome Paco?

Very nice story in so few words. <br />

Deadlines spark nothing but tedium and dread, in my case :)

I get butterflies in my stomach, whenever I've a deadline

LOL.<br />
<br />
Butterflies go where they choose to go, places unknown, unexplored.

Knew I was going to get you to show, geetar! :)

'Cause I use the title to complete the story :) But thanks, ILM!

How did you cheat? I count ten words... Very well Done, June!

Teehee.. Sunshine! :)