A New Start.

She could feel herself drifting.  Was this the right move?
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LOL!!<br />
<br />
*Takes hold. Gives it a good thwack against her hand*

If that doesn't work, slap the end.<br />
That'll do it.

*Grabs freshly boiled kettle* Hot water gets the flow going!

No, No. That is not how it's done.Stand still.

She knows how to get the sauce from the bottle.

"Gently," he said.<br />
"Oh, look... it's stuck. Better shake it."

Her grip was tarzan-like. His eyes watered. She Smiled.

Perhaps an anchor?<br />
"Hold this," he said.<br />
"Hard and heavy."

for he was her moon, ebbed into she lustful existence....

As long as she could float along with the tide...

How long would he continue to come back to her ???

He wanted this as much as she did, but why?