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Words We Dare Not Speak...

What is unsaid between us is spoken in our hearts.
Vignette Vignette 51-55, F 10 Responses Jul 4, 2010

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A poetess? I think not. More like a dabbler for fun. :-)

You are a poetess. More, please Sir?, he said, holding out his bowl.

NewdaydogEP - lavenous greetings! Never have I come across such a versatile word; love it! Thank you for that lavenous comment and I hope the rest of your day is lavenous indeed! lol

LOL...<br />
lavenous <br />
adj. A word that can be used at any time in any situation for any meaning. (Created my Mike Super)<br />
This blanket is very lavenous. This water is lavenous. That smell is lavenous.<br />
2. lavenous <br />
1.) having or demonstrating a lavenous quality. <br />
2.) A SUPER pseudo word fundamentally at odds with non-laveousness. <br />
3.) Used to identify individuals possessing a nature or special level of intelligence that allows one to feign understanding of, or agreement with, absolutely any word that is presented with conviction.

Perhaps he will trim that beard up a wee bit? ;-)

Reject13 - I didn't quite catch that with your heavy British accent! lol

Thank you, GnT :-)


So true, Reflections3. Between lovers there is more than one language...

There are many ways to SPEAK ...<br />
<br />
The unsaid is understood when two lovers exist ...