My Mother

What has she given me? much.... don't stop Mum...
Isshe Isshe
36-40, F
11 Responses Jul 13, 2010

Holding on forever is my plan. Eternally-grateful for your words.

What she's given is yours to keep forever. Hold on.

In your race Isshe, the track is lined with supporters.

Hugs them tight. Asks them not to let go now.

Mother begets daughter, daughter becomes mother, all favours are returned.

Grasp that baton tight, don't drop it. Run hard Isshe.

We are at a change point in the life relay

Where will find the strength I need to do this?

I will tell her these things, weeping in her arms...

A love for the outdoors, plants, adventure, passion for travel...

A brutal sense of humour...teasing, like a true tickler.