Please let go of me so I can be free.
naturegirl27 naturegirl27
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10 Responses Jul 20, 2010

I hate hurting you, but my life yearns for freedom.

Passport & John Deere... check... , as promised margaritas are ready!!

Riding my John Deere across the border sounds like fun.

Better yet, AaaaaaRGH, you can come cut my lawn! ok?:)

Also, getting arrested for indecent exposure, while mowing the lawn! :)

Freedom is mowing the lawn naked while chugging several margaritas.

Yes, both must let go, but he is hanging on......

To be truely free from someone,both must let go..

Its within our reach Blackforest4u....we have to stay positive:)

I wish I could say the same thing as well and be granted with that wish so i can have another life, a new chapter, a fresh beginning....