what was here.....

Some clever choice of words depicting emotional suffering? Probably

HappinessExhausted HappinessExhausted
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13 Responses Jul 27, 2010

Perhaps there is a sequel to this.

You appear to be winning, I must admit . I'm pleased...

Caught it and tossed back to you, the volley continues.

A clever comeback escapes me... perhaps you will catch it.

The glass is always half full, even when it's empty.

Your optomism, most refreshing. Satisfaction with a hit of happiness.... ; )

It could be worse. Both could be unsatisfied and miserable.

That's sweet... Glad to know that someone is finally satisfied... : )

Despite the price and hurt feelings, I still had fun.

Yes, as long as neither is hurt. That sounds lovely. : )

Very true and such a loss will be regained someday.

Someone's fun should never be at the expense of your own

Does a reference of fun always involve a underlying game?