Recurring 10

This isn't a 10 word story but it's about 10 recurring in my life in the last year.

On 15/06/09 I was admitted to hospital diagnosed with pneumonia.

I was given 10 days treatment of intravenous and tablets antibiotics.

Little did I know at the time 10 weeks later I would be back in hospital for a major operation.

On 22/06/09 I was sent for a CT scan, my appointment was at 10am.

On 14/07/09 I had an appointment with the consultant, he told me I had recovered from the pneumonia but the CT scan showed a 10cm tumour on my left lung. 

Little did I know that approximately 10 months after this I would meet the most wonderful person in my life.
On 04/08/2009 I had my pre op medical.  I was told there was a 10% chance I would not survive

On 27/08/09 I had my operation.  At 12:20 I was taken to theatre and given an epidural. 10 minutes of intense pain as it took 5 attempts to insert the epidural.  

I was told I would be asleep in 10 seconds.  I actually said goodbye to the world and my loved ones in my head, then not knowing if I would wake up again. I was not worried I felt at peace.

Operation took 2.5 hours.  Tumour was larger than expected and following actions had to be taken.

A 25cm (10 inches) incision made 10cm under left armpit following up around line of shoulder blade.

3rd & 4th Ribs spread to access tumour.

Not enough space to remove tumour so 3rd rib removed and subsequently nerve removed running behind rib.

Tumour removed and measured 15cm x 14cm x 10cm.  Weight 2.4kg.

On 31/08/2009 was released from Hospital 10:00am

Stitches were taken out 10 days after release on 10th September.

Follow up appointment with surgeon 21/10/09.  I was told there is a 10% chance of the tumour re growing and I will have to be monitored for 10 years.
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Thankyou Sunshine. Certainly a life changing experience in more ways than one.