Silently Dying

Story closed..


..the end..

avibot avibot 31-35, M 10 Responses Nov 16, 2010

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who knows, who knows

It's in megabytes, kilobytes..

but since we are referring to food it can be love at first bite.

you don't really believe in love over EP do you?

i like that.. . ... love at first bite .. .

love at first byte? hehe.

shoulda known, it's hopeless to wish for the impossible. that person is so dead

i want someone to help me share the calories, i cant finish all this food! :p

really? i don't have to cook? it's not everyday i get to have treats for managing the house, i'll do the laundry early promise

I'll let you stay if you tidy my room...then i'lll order pizza ;)

i feel the same.. . ^ᴥ^

Just because we don't talk much doesn't mean I don't care about you I do worry Punk