Sadly, I've Discovered That (156)

Those who might live by the sword, usually get shot
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Not really Traig. One of the first school shooting in history happened in 1844 in Mississippi when a white student shot a black student for daring to want to learn. There's actually been a few time when the same happened in the last hundred years. The differance now might be a good one: people give a damn and want to know about it on the other side of the country, or around the world. In earlier times it was just ignored or thought not proper to talk about it, and few outside the state or town would even know (My Mom's dad was involed in a shooting at school after a football game, sometime around the 1930s. When I researched it, I found the police report, but not one single news article about it. Why? Because the shooter was a ''good ole' boy'' from a rich and powerful family while the victim was a native American, my grand uncle. Different times, yes, because now we give a damn and try to tell everyone how sick it is. But it's an old sickness and sadly, nothing new..<br />
Thank you for your comment..

Our socity is so sick . In was raised in a rual community and all the boys owned guns . We never took one to school and no one ever got shot . Differnt times I guess

No fair Vig. We aren't all Goddesses like you, cheater..

Still, a gun has only as many deaths as bullets<br />
<br />
Unless it's misused as a club in fear and foolishment

me knowth of which I speak..ow